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IONICS Reach & Wash Thermo Pure system

Thanks to the high reach of the water fed poles, we can clean previously inaccessible windows without ladders while reducing disturbance and maintaining privacy for our customers. We are also able to clean fascias, panelling and frames all from the safety of the ground. The pure water window cleaning system is also environmentally friendly as it contains no detergents or chemicals. We all know that using hot water for cleaning produces better results. Heated ultra pure water is less dense and so absorbs dirt more readily and dries more quickly to an incredible finish.

Delivering Hot purified water - chemical free

Pure water acts as a magnet for dirt. When cleaning with pure water the dirt is absorbed into the water as pure water always strives to return to it's natural state (un pure). After cleaning, the glass is given a final rinse and iin a near sterile state, having all contaminates removed, dries with a spot free finish. Elevated platforms can also be used, where required, depending on the specifics of the building to be cleaned. This is something we can disuss with you on site while making our initial assesment.

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Cosmetic improvements such as new a driveway or a retiled roof undoubtedly add beauty to the appearance of a home, but all too often owners don't think to maintain such improvements, despite the large sums of money paid out.

A once eye-pleasing addition can, with relative quickness, transform into an eyesore covered in moss, dirt and weeds. Before you decide you need to replace, you can call upon H2O to help you renew. We are able to fully restore the look of your drive, patio and roof tiles to their former glory. We are also able to restore most other exterior surfaces of your home too. See the pictures of our work to the left.

We are based in Northampton but cover all surrounding areas providing the best window cleaning services around.

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