Covid-19 Mist Cleaning Northampton

At H2O Window Cleaning, we are a team of trained and licensed Covid-19 mist cleaning specialists, offering our mist cleaning services to all properties and businesses throughout Northamptonshire. Our cleaning specialists are all skilled in the Covid-19 mist cleaning technique, along with being fully equipped with the latest steam mist machinery to ensure the results we achieve are first-class.  

With Covid-19 being an airborne virus that can also survive on surfaces and objects for a matter of hours and days, the requirement for Covid-19 contamination cleaning is everpresent at this current time. With this, at H2O Window Cleaning, our cleaning specialists provide the area with our Covid-19 mist cleaning services in order to assist all customers who are looking to up their game with their cleaning routine, or have had a recent Covid-19 case and require a deep clean to sanitise the area. 

As Covid-19 can be contracted through contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, we strongly advise all customers to seek assistance from our team when a Covid-19 case arises, to ensure all surfaces can be properly disinfected. This is crucial in preventing further Covid-19 contractions, keeping any risk for those within the property/premises, to an absolute minimum. 

Our high tech antimicrobial surface treatment Covid-19 mist machines are extremely powerful, allowing us to work on a mass scale in an efficient time. When in operation, our equipment produces mass volumes of extremely fine mist particles, which then land on all surfaces. This ensures large areas can be sanitised quickly without missing any surfaces within the space, making our Covid-19 mist cleaning services, efficient and effective.  

Along with the Covid-19 virus, our mist cleaning technique is proven to be effective on a vast spectrum of other viruses, which lasts for up to 60 days once the cleaning process is complete. 

All products used during our Covid-19 mist cleaning services are non-toxic, ensuring the environment is kept in a hazard-free condition once the cleaning is complete. Therefore, once your Covid-19 mist cleaning service is finished, you can rest assured that not only will the entirety of your interior be properly sanitised and disinfected from the Covid-19 virus, but the air will also be clean and clear. 

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy, skilled cleaning team to assist with your Covid-19 mist cleaning service, give us a call today on 07885301531, where one of our specialists will offer you a no-obligation quote and any additional information you require regarding our Covid-19 mist cleaning services. 

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